Bubble App Documentation Template

Document your Bubble builds like a pro with this Notion template.



Presentation video

The problem?

It is very rare to get a documentation of no-code builds when taking over projects, especially on Bubble. The lack of it wastes valuable time instead spent on onboarding a new Bubble maker on an app.

Recurring issues:

  • Workflows are not named properly, no color coding, or folder structure.
  • Not sure if a plugin is used in the app?
  • Fuzzy database structure and undocumented.
  • Missing credentials for products and apps used in the build.

You could name a few more if you’ve had to pick up a project that didn’t have a strong documentation in the past.

The solution?

Bubble App Documentation Template

The Bubble App Documentation Template aims to take these pains away! Built on Notion, the template helps you manage all your Bubble builds’ documentations in one place with its own “documentation template”.

Your docs' home

This “documentation template” is built around 7 main databases where you’ll store your app’s:

  • Pages
  • Workflows
  • Data Types
  • Plugins
  • Privacy Rules
  • Credentials
  • Bugs

These connected databases will help you document your work and be a valuable resource for the app owner and future developers. They will thank you!

Template page

Databases have a pre-built page template to make the most of the power of Notion.

Thanks to the "Relation" feature, we can show:

- The workflows build on a specific page

- The bugs identified on a specific workflow

- Description of a workflow (trigger and steps)

And more...

Ideal for agencies who work on countless Bubble projects at the same time. Having a documentation template ready to go will save hours of work for their Bubble makers, lighten their workload so they can spend their time building.

Perfect for freelance Bubble developers. Having a strong documentation for your client when the project is over is something you can sell as part of your service. Saving time creating these documentations then becomes crucial. This template enables you to do exactly that. One template to rule them all!